Zoetic? 2017-10-01T17:28:39-04:00

What Does it Mean to be Zoetic?

*It is to be Vital

*To be in Touch with Your Essential Being

*That Deeper Part of Yourself

*Your Connection to Life Itself

What better word than this, to describe fertility and birth?

Birth is beautiful. It is powerful. It arises from the essence of life itself. It is bigger than you, but is also within you.

Birth is an artistic biological process. When you bring life into this world, there are creative forces at work. It is a special time when you can tap into a deeper part of yourself. You may develop increased intuition, and you may find yourself stretching and growing in ways you never imagined before.

Birth has the power to transform, and it will do so whether you are ready or not. When you are able to align yourself with the life force within you, this transformation shapes you into the magnificent mother you were meant to be.

A Zoetic birth is one that results in more than just a baby. It results in a whole new life perspective, and a beautiful way of being. Let your birth journey be a Zoetic one.