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Release Your Birth Fears Package

Finding out you are pregnant, was a life-changing event. You may have felt utterly excited, or it might have taken you a little time to adjust. But as your pregnancy has continued, you have begun to notice a range of new thoughts, feelings, and fears creeping in.  

You have felt tired and overwhelmed at times, happy and elated at others. Some things are just as you’d imagined, but mostly there are surprises at every corner: “morning” sickness that lasts all day, pulled muscles and ligaments that you never knew you had, and total strangers having plenty to say about your growing body.

But the one thing that you didn’t think about before is your feelings about giving birth. You are full of mixed emotions – excitement about greeting your new baby and fear of your impending birth. And the more your pregnancy advances, the more those horrible birth stories seem to find you.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Picture yourself having confidence and feeling calm about what lies ahead. Visualize yourself feeling easy and flexible about your birth plans. You’d love to experience peace as you allow your own experience to unfold.

Imagine how it would feel to look forward to your baby’s birthday, instead of dreading it.

Imagine how you’d feel if you could let all that fear go!

If you find yourself:

-Wondering if you’ll be able to tolerate the pain

-Feeling more anxious every day

-Afraid of losing control of your birth plans

-Obsessively trying NOT to think about your fears

-Feeling trapped, wondering why you got pregnant in the first place

You’ve come to the right place!

I help women who want to have a positive pregnancy and birth but don’t know how to make that happen. They feel exhausted, overwhelmed and full of fear. I help them release their fears, overcome obstacles, and create confidence and peace as their own unique experience unfolds.

I’ll help you identify and release your fears about birth so you can start looking forward to it!

As a result of this package, you’ll be able to:

-Let go of your fears and worries about childbirth

-Feel more peace about your upcoming birth

-Let go of new fear or anxiety as it comes up

-Feel more physically and emotionally relaxed

-Finally look forward to your baby’s birth – with excitement!

Release Your Birth Fears Package:

“What am I afraid of?” Worksheet:

By filling out this worksheet, you will be able to have a clearer picture of what doubts and beliefs you’re harboring. Doing this will help you to let them go in the upcoming session more efficiently.

Pre-session Meditation:

You’ll receive a short guided meditation download so you can begin to relax even before your upcoming session.   

Fear Release Session:

We’ll meet for a video conference to talk about your unique situation, answer your questions, and discuss what your needs are. We’ll also go over your “What am I afraid of?” Worksheet, and you will learn how to let these fears go.

Then you’ll get to experience a full therapeutic hypnosis session where you’ll be able to release your fears and anxieties about giving birth. You’ll walk away feeling much more peace and positive anticipation about your upcoming birth.

Fear-Release Mini Recording:

You’ll receive a pre-recorded mini hypnosis session, designed to help you release new fears and anxieties that may come up between now and your time of birthing. At under 15 minutes, you’ll find it’s easy to fit it into your already busy life.

Well-being check-up:

We’ll meet for a 30-minute follow-up, where we can see how you’re doing and you can ask additional questions if needed.

Rest assured

You can be free of the fear! You can be full of positive anticipation of your upcoming birth! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is and how good you’ll feel!



Step 1: Click on the “Get Started Now” button to select your appointment time, answer a few questions, and make your payment.

Step 2: Read your welcome email and download your FREE Relax and Let Go hypnosis track (please listen to it before your session).

Step 3: Watch your inbox for an email invitation to your appointment on Zoom, and your “What am I afraid of?” worksheet.

Step 4: We will meet for our scheduled 90-minute Fear Release Session.

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