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Solutions For Your Unique Pregnancy Concerns

One of my most popularly requested services is Childbirth Hypnosis. Here are some of the unique benefits of taking our private, customizable training program:

-It puts you at the center – all tools, techniques, and concepts are provided in a way that fulfills your individual needs and desires.

-Provides you with personalized emotional clearing, as much or as little as you may need.

-Teaches self-sufficiency in your hypnosis skills through repetition, so you are not dependent on scripts or audios.

-It supports the work of your medical care providers, as well as your medical choices.

-It serves as a non-competing supplement to the childbirth education classes or books YOU choose to go with.

-It provides medical safeguards, to reduce the risk of unintended solo or roadside births.

-It creates positive anchors for negative words, rather than creating a whole new vocabulary (and expecting others to do the same).

-It is supportive and beneficial for all types of births, from natural to c-section.

Additional Symptoms and Concerns

Feel free to scan the following list of symptoms and conditions that women often request assistance with. If you are looking for assistance with something that is not on this list, please be sure to ask me.

-Morning sickness
-Placenta Previa
-Uterine scars (from prior surgery)
-Breech Turn (also transverse lie or posterior)
-Gestational Diabetes
-Baby’s health and well-being
-Blood pressure
-Labor induction (natural or Pitocin)
-Keeping baby in (concerns of pre-term birth)
-Bleeding concerns