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Phase III: Early Pregnancy Package

You made it! Double lines on the pregnancy test, and you’re ready to roll! But on the other hand, you might be waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Once you get that positive pregnancy test, you may find that it brings up a whole new set of challenges and worries. Perhaps you’ve been here before and have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy. Maybe there is anxiety about the possibility of things going wrong, which can bring on intense morning sickness or other health concerns. 

You’re so thrilled to be here finally, but now you’re holding your breath and just praying that you and your baby make it to full term. You’d do anything to ensure that your pregnancy continues and your baby grows healthy and strong. You also wish you could take a break from all the worry and just breathe a little. 

What if there is more you can do?

Imagine being able to go to sleep at night, without the excess worry. Think of how you’d feel if you weren’t imagining the worst each time you feel a twinge. See yourself moving through this pregnancy with love for your baby and confidence in your journey ahead. 

You wish you could heal from past hurts and let this pregnancy stand on its own. You’d love to feel peace and joy now that this day has finally come! Imagine being able to feel your best and navigate this pregnancy with trust and ease.  

 Think of how it would feel to let go of the worry and fear. You’ve come so far, and you’d love to feel your best and actually enjoy being pregnant. 

You can enjoy this pregnancy

I work with women through their whole fertility journey, from pre-conception through pregnancy and birth. I help them create a mind-body balance so they can feel their best and navigate the challenges that come their way. 

With the Early Pregnancy Package, you’ll be able to ease your fears and allow your body to focus on growing a healthy baby. You’ll learn how to manage early pregnancy symptoms and feel your best. Just as you worked through the challenges of getting pregnant, you can skillfully navigate all that comes your way during this new adventure. 

As a result of the Early Pregnancy Package you’ll be able to:

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety
  • Manage pregnancy symptoms
  • Release fears and past traumas that may be triggered at this time
  • Feel confidence and peace in your ability to grow this baby to full term
  • Connect with your baby and feel peace in being a mother

The Early Pregnancy Package Includes:

Pre-session Meditation:  

You’ll receive a short guided meditation download so you can begin to feel calm even before your first session.

Session 1: Sticky Baby & Hormonal Regulation

For this 90-minute session, we’ll meet via video conference to talk about your unique situation, answer your questions, and discuss your goals. Then you’ll enjoy a therapeutic hypnosis session designed to create mind-body conditions for hormonal regulation, a robust uterine lining, and a healthy “sticky” baby. 

Session 2: Feeling Hopeful

This 60-minute session will focus on clearing the negative and creating a foundation of hope and positive anticipation. 

Session 3: Letting Go & Deep Relaxation

During this 60-minute session, you’ll be able to focus on letting go of control and letting your pregnancy develop in its own unique way.  You’ll also get to enjoy a deep therapeutic level of relaxation, allowing your body to focus its energy on growing a baby.

Session 4: Nutrition, Sleep & H2O

In this 60-minute session, you’ll receive mind-body suggestions for proper nutrition, deep rejuvenating sleep, and a thirst for adequate water consumption. 

Session 5: Managing Morning Sickness

For this 60-minute session, you’ll learn how to manage or eliminate pregnancy nausea in a way that feels safe and appropriate for you.  You’ll feel better after this session, and have the tools going forward to manage symptoms if they make another appearance. 

Session 6: Worthy Mom, Happy Babe

During this 60-minute session, you’ll be able to connect with your baby and develop confidence in your role as a mother. This will help you have a more profoundly satisfying pregnancy and a strong bond with your unborn baby. 

Well-Being Emails:

Between weekly sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to send one progress-report email to me. You’ll be able to receive additional feedback, encouragement, and customized support through these emails. 

Mini-Hypnosis Session Downloads:

You’ll receive several mini hypnosis sessions throughout the two months which are designed to reinforce the private sessions. At under 15 minutes each, you’ll find that these mini sessions are fantastic for daily use. 

Mindset tools:

In addition to hypnosis, you’ll also learn new tools for managing your own mindset and staying balanced. These life tools will come in handy well-beyond your fertility journey. 

Final Check-In:

After working together for two months, we’ll meet together for a 30-minute follow-up session allowing you to ask questions, discuss your experience, and talk about your next steps.

Is this package right for you?

You’ve come so far, and you finally got your positive pregnancy test! That’s fantastic news, and the next step is entirely up to you. 

Some women, especially those that have endured the hardships of infertility,  recognize the benefit of having extra help in the early weeks of pregnancy. 

 If you’d like to give this pregnancy every possible advantage for health and vitality,  then let’s talk and see if the Early Pregnancy Package is right for you. 


Your Investment: $875 

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Step 4: Then we’ll get started! If you choose to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to discuss other resources to help you get what you need.

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