How To Make The Best Decisions With The Most Clarity

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Imagine yourself sailing through life doing all the things you ever imagined were possible - and with ease! No obstacles come your way and it's so easy to make decisions about what you want.  Yeah, that was my level of thinking when I was a teenager. I really thought that life was more like a [...]

The Most Effective Way to Use Affirmations

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Affirmations: you either love them or hate them. At least, those are the most common sentiments I encounter. Why is that? The main reason seems to be that people either have fantastic results or no results at all. If you aren't experiencing stellar results, it may be because you are reading, repeating, or listening to [...]

Why You Should Download Your Free Hypnosis MP3 Now

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How I went from a total control freak to a “Hypnosis Junkie” I still remember the first time I knowingly experienced hypnosis. I had read several intriguing books about it, and was so fascinated that I registered for a training course to become a hypnotist! Only then did it occur to me that maybe [...]