The Best Shift I See In My Fertility Clients

By | 2018-09-09T21:07:49-04:00 September 10th, 2018|General|

The best part of my job is watching women put themselves back into the equation, realizing they‘re a vital part of the process of having a baby. Sounds obvious, right? In reality, this shift can be challenging to make. In fact, the most common theme I see with women at all stages of the fertility [...]

Why Your Mind Should Be Treated Like A Plant

By | 2018-07-23T17:03:32-04:00 July 23rd, 2018|Fertility, General, Pregnancy and Birth|

When you’re dealing with infertility or illness during pregnancy you’re dealing with a real medical condition - absolutely. 100%. So what does mind have to do with it? Sometimes doctors can find out the physical cause and sometimes they can’t. But there’s usually some explanation, even if it’s unknown or unidentified. So why do I [...]

Outcome Of The Surgery, A Quick Follow-Up

By | 2018-05-06T23:09:00-04:00 May 7th, 2018|General|

Although last week's post was a little off-topic and personal, it was also a bit of a cliff-hanger and needs some resolution. So one week later, I'm here to do just that. In the days following the surgery, my son's ICP (Inter-cranial pressure) continued to read very high. High enough that in just about any [...]

Finding Resilience in the Face of a Crisis

By | 2018-04-30T15:06:53-04:00 April 30th, 2018|General|

Resilience. You likely already know what it is and why it's essential. You may have your own story about coming out the other side of challenging circumstances. But there are times in our life when it seems impossible. There are times when we may feel ourselves crumbling with despair. That is how I was feeling [...]

What To Do When You Run Out Of Choices

By | 2018-07-25T20:59:59-04:00 March 26th, 2018|General|

There are moments in life when your choices are taken from you. Sometimes it happens by force. Other times you unconsciously give your consent. And then there are the times when you lose your choices by failing to make any decision at all. I believe that you always have more than one choice. But if [...]