Finding Resilience in the Face of a Crisis

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Resilience. You likely already know what it is and why it's essential. You may have your own story about coming out the other side of challenging circumstances. But there are times in our life when it seems impossible. There are times when we may feel ourselves crumbling with despair. That is how I was feeling [...]

Is It True – Should You “Just Adopt?”

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Women who are struggling to conceive are all too familiar with unsolicited advice. One of the worst is the question “why don’t you just adopt?” Say what? When this question comes up my first response is: “do you honestly think she hasn’t thought of that? Her whole life is consumed with the desire to become [...]

How Medical Words Can Hurt In The Case Of Miscarriage

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Miscarriage. What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you read this word? What's the feeling that emerges in your mind or in your body? No need to get too deep, I just want you to take notice of what automatically comes up for you. Now think of the word abortion. Again, just [...]

What To Do If You’re Terrified Of Childbirth

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So what do you do if you are terrified of childbirth, but you're already pregnant? The simple answer is: you manage to give birth anyway. You might be gripped with paralyzing fear, or consumed with anxiety and nightmares, but somehow you will manage to get through the birthing process. A better answer is: you find [...]

The Most Effective Way to Use Affirmations

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Affirmations: you either love them or hate them. At least, those are the most common sentiments I encounter. Why is that? The main reason seems to be that people either have fantastic results or no results at all. If you aren't experiencing stellar results, it may be because you are reading, repeating, or listening to [...]

What To Do When You Run Out Of Choices

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There are moments in life when your choices are taken from you. Sometimes it happens by force. Other times you unconsciously give your consent. And then there are the times when you lose your choices by failing to make any decision at all. I believe that you always have more than one choice. But if [...]