The Best Shift I See In My Fertility Clients

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The best part of my job is watching women put themselves back into the equation, realizing they‘re a vital part of the process of having a baby. Sounds obvious, right? In reality, this shift can be challenging to make. In fact, the most common theme I see with women at all stages of the fertility [...]

Self-compassion Is Not A Weakness, It’s A Strength

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If you're new to the concept of self-compassion, then you might have the idea that someone like you doesn't have time for such things. You might even associate it with weakness or self-pity. Kristen Neff, author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power Of Being Kind To Yourself, is known for her research and teachings regarding self-compassion. [...]

How To Get Through A Moment Of Deep Despair

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Your heart is sad, and you’re feeling withdrawn, and deeply in despair. It’s as if there’s a weighted blanket wrapped over your shoulders, pulling your energy down to the earth. Maybe you feel like crying, but you lack the energy to produce tears. Everything you want is beyond your reach. You’d give anything just to [...]

Can Your Infertility Triggers Actually Help You?

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You’ve been walking this road for a while now, and you know all about infertility triggers.  Like when you log onto facebook and see four pregnancy announcement, 37 baby pictures, and get invited to yet another baby shower.  When you hear your doctor, best friend and even your mother use the words “just relax.” Or [...]

How To Trust Your Intuition Even If Infertility Has You Confused

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Surely you’ve heard the words “trust your intuition.” Did you roll your eyes a little? Did you feel your body tighten with a sense of frustration or confusion about what the heck that even means? If so, you’re not alone. Many women find it difficult to know or trust what their intuition is telling them. [...]

One Surprisingly Simple Solution For Brain Overload

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When you’re experiencing brain overload, it’s hard to focus on anything with efficiency or clarity. It can be challenging to get things done and even harder to take a break. It’s just plain overwhelming to have so many things on your mind all the time. Signs you might be experiencing brain overload: Thinking about all [...]