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Benefits of Childbirth Hypnosis

Eliminate fear and distress during pregnancy and birth

-Daily hypnosis during pregnancy helps eliminate tension and stress

Minimize or eliminate birthing discomfort by utilizing powerful hypnotic anesthesia

– Facilitates increased endorphins (feel-good hormones) production 

Decreases catecholamines (stress-hormones)

-Relaxes the body for maximum birthing efficiency – often resulting in a shorter birthing time

-Helps moms conserve much-needed energy during birth, helping them to feel alert, refreshed and rejuvenated as they greet their brand new baby

Reduces or eliminates the need for pain medications

Reduces or eliminates the incidents of perineal tearing or the need for an episiotomy

-Helps many women avoid artificial induction of labor

Reduces the incidents of maternal or fetal distress during labor by maximizing oxygen intake and regulating blood pressure

-Can help breech or transverse babies rotate, helping avoid an unnecessary c-section

-Helps both mom and baby to remain calm and balanced in the event of a necessary c-section

-Helps moms feel better and heal faster when a c-section is planned

-Often facilitates faster and more effective healing following any kind of birth

Increases early bonding between the family and new baby, beginning before birth

-Increases feelings of personal empowerment and well-being for mom and the whole family

-Can be used for home, hospital or birth center births