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About Me

Who? My name is Ginger Lily. I’m a fertility and birth enthusiast, mother, and am completely fascinated with the power, beauty, and adaptability of the human mind.

What? I help women who are struggling with infertility or navigating pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

How? I do this using a variety of self-empowering tools, one of which is hypnosis, which has a proven history of success with both birthing and fertility. I believe in using the best tool for the job, and for the individual person. I craft a program specifically for you and your needs. Your satisfaction is my #1 focus because…isn’t that the point? For you to be satisfied? Of course!

When? I’ve been an active birth enthusiast since 2006, and a Certified Hypnotist and birth educator since 2012. I maintain my membership with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and continue to advance my skills and techniques regularly.

Where? I’m an Oregon native but now reside in Northern Indiana. I currently do most of my work online and am able to assist anyone with an internet connection.

Why? Because the journey to becoming a parenting is important. It left an imprint on my life, and it will likely do the same for you.

My Story

I didn’t plan on becoming a hypnotist or birth worker. I developed an early passion for gardening and forestry, and I had big plans to travel the world as a botanical garden curator. Life has a funny way of changing you. Birth is what changed me the most.

I found my inner passion for pregnancy and birth when I was pregnant with my oldest child. I always viewed birth as normal and natural, as my own mother birthed most of her children quietly in our home. But the minute my pregnancy was announced I discovered so many outside negative attitudes and fears regarding birth. Little did I know that on an unconscious level I was actually absorbing those outside fears. Despite all of this, I managed to get the birth that I wanted, and I felt fantastic. I knew firsthand just how beautiful and exciting birth can be!

My second birth was a whole different story.

Despite all of my personal determination, things didn’t go as planned. My healthy 44 week pregnancy resulted in an unplanned and very unexpected outcome. I was crushed.

I briefly saw my baby right after birth, but I didn’t get to touch or hold her until I woke up about 7 hours later. I felt so entirely alone and disconnected from my baby, and I didn’t understand why. The immense level of guilt I felt made me feel stuck.

The devastation and pain of this birth affected everything. It rolled out into a long period of undiagnosed postpartum depression, which affected me, my husband, and my brand new baby. Even after the worst of it passed, there were lingering layers of anger and guilt that stayed with me for a solid 5 years after this birth.

It was only when I began my own study of hypnosis, that I was eventually able to find true subconscious healing for myself. I felt absolutely free, but I also recognized that there was some long-term damage done to my loved ones. This is why I can’t ignore the reality of pregnancy fear and birth trauma.

I spent the next 5 years studying and teaching different birth hypnosis classes, and having 3 more beautiful births of my own. My combined experiences have brought me to a place of narrowing my focus, and only offering the best services I can provide to my clients.

And what is the best I can give? Personalized support. One-on-one and completely tailored to my clients’ needs. I choose to put my focus solely on my client’s needs rather than trying to fit them into the rigid ideology of a structured program.
I help parents to figure out what their expectations of birth are, and to determine what their desires are. A mom can have an absolutely beautiful natural birth and still feel disappointed, hurt, or alone. A mom can have a planned c-section and feel absolutely phenomenal without a hint of trauma.

I have my own preferences regarding birth, and you have yours. What I aim to do is to get to the heart of what YOU want, and how you want to feel. Based on those two things, I can help you learn the tools and techniques that will help you have a beautiful birth experience.

I follow-up with new parents after the birth, to ensure a positive adjustment after baby’s arrival. Becoming a parent is an absolutely transformational time. Making it a positive experience contributes greatly to the new journey of parenting.

I also feel honored to help women in their fertility journeys, especially those who have been struggling to get pregnant for a long time. I believe every woman deserves the best support and advantages available in her quest to conceive and birth her own baby.

This is my story. Now it’s time to create yours. And the journey, your journey, really matters.