How To Trust Your Mother’s Intuition Even In A Noisy World

People throw around the term Mother’s intuition like a cliché. And yet, the moment a woman becomes pregnant an interesting phenomenon occurs. She’s suddenly treated as community property, and someone to be monitored and censored, rather than trusted.

  • People question her food choices and judge her caffeine intake.
  • Random strangers walk up and touch her belly, often without asking.
  • Women volunteer their birth horror-stories without invitation.
  • Friends and family feel entitled to interrogate pregnant her about her birth plans, then proceed to tell her why she is wrong or making a mistake.
  • She is treated as an asexual being – often being advised that having sex is risky, ill-advised or not best for baby. Or worse yet, undesirable or gross.
  • Doctors often make decisions over her head or scare her into a procedure using the baby’s health as a hostage.

So is Mother’s intuition just a myth?

Oddly enough, despite society’s generally negative and controlling attitude towards pregnant women, I find that women are highly intuitive and wise during their time of gestation. For lack of a better explanation, they seem to have a higher connection with their spiritual self and with their baby.

They seem to automatically know what’s truly in the best interest of their baby. And this usually coincides with what is best for themselves as well.

That’s right, pregnant mothers seem to be closest to the source of what is best for their babies. And yet, we treat them as mere incubators that must adhere to a long list of rules and authorities.

Ladies: It’s time to take back your power

It’s time to put a stop to the food-police and uninvited belly-touchers.

It’s time to put your hand up when another lady starts unloading her unresolved traumatic birth on you.

Let’s all stop asking probing questions about birth plans and quit asserting that your way is the right way.

And what about breaking this taboo about pregnancy sex and sensuality? Enough already.

Pregnant women need to be reminded that they have the final say over what happens with their body.

The world just might discover that gestating mothers have her unborn babies’ best interest at heart. So instead of manipulating, threatening and using guilt to coerce her, let’s demand that caregivers have more responsible exchanges with their mother clients.

Discover your inner compass

I believe pregnant women should be trusted. But I also recognize that after generations of social mistrust many women have a hard time believing in themselves. There’s a deeply-rooted notion that they must be dependent on outside wisdom to make decisions for their baby.

In a noisy world where everyone jumps in to tell you how it is, making decisions can be confusing and chaotic.

This is why I’ve developed a hypnotic approach to getting back to the source of your inner wisdom. A way to tap into your true and un-jaded Mother’s intuition.

You’ll learn to reaffirm yourself as the source of greatest wisdom for their own body and baby.

I help you get back to the basics of how to make a stream of decisions, beginning with one choice at a time.

You’ll be able to tap into your own inner compass, helping you make decisions with confidence even when things seem cloudy or complicated. This is a tool you can take with you and use at any time going forward.

When my clients experience the Inner Compass hypnosis session, they leave feeling more peace, confidence, and trust in themselves. They are better able to navigate even the most complex and challenging moments of pregnancy that may require collaborating with doctors or manipulative family members.

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