14 Fertility Gemstones And Why You Should Have One

This weekend my girls and I spent hours perusing the annual gem show in our nearest city. How can you not love looking at thousands of interesting and colorful stones and crystals, and picking a few to bring home?! So with rocks on my mind, I thought I’d present you with my top 14 fertility gemstones.

But first, let me quickly explain why this might have any correlation to the mind-body topics usually discussed here.

Each of these fertility gemstones has many associated healing properties. Some are said to help heal physical ailments, while others are meant to bring less tangible benefits like peace of mind or emotional balancing. You can take it all for face value, or you can explain it another way.

From a mind-body perspective, I see stones as having healing properties due to the way they make us feel, plus a little bit of the placebo effect. Allow me to explain.

Energy vibration

It’s said there’s an energetic vibration to everything, including you. Every object or organism emits its own energy, whether positive, negative, or neutral.

Being around objects or organisms with a high energy output can help you increase your energy as well. Tree, stones, and uplifting people can all have a positive effect on how you think and feel.

You can sometimes feel an energetic boost when touching various stones. This could be from your mind’s perceptions of that stone or from the fact that we are coming into contact with a natural substance direct from our healing earth.

When we come into contact with plants, rocks or even soil, there are scientifically proven positive benefits we receive, for both mind and body. Many say these benefits are from the energy they radiate.

Pleasing aesthetic

The colors, textures, sparkles or other physical traits of these gems are pleasing to the eye and engaging for your mind. Taking in their beauty and variety can provide positive and grounding mind-body benefits.

Placebo effect

When you study the various healing benefits of a particular stone and allow your mind to entertain the various interests, your mind can create a thought process that stimulates physical changes in the body.

Much like a person taking a sugar pill might begin to heal aspects of their body, a person who holds to the traditional stories of various fertility gemstones might also create more balance in their own body or emotions.

Having a physical stone associated with these positive mind-body benefits is excellent in another way. There is a physical object that anchors in those positive benefits, so whenever you see or touch the stone, you are compounding the benefits as if you were speaking affirmations to yourself.

Top 14 fertility gemstones 

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is loaded with fertility-promoting benefits and is also known for increasing feelings of love, forgiveness, and compassion.

This stone is said to help balance emotions and heal past traumas and heartache. It helps resolve fear, resentment, and anger. It can also help cool down addictive tendencies.

Fertility benefits include alleviating sexual dysfunction, increasing fertility, and providing protection for pregnancy and childbirth.


This gorgeous stone is said to be particularly suited for women, increasing feminine energy, regulating menstrual cycles and boosting fertility. It’s also known as the love stone, helping to resolve couple problems and encouraging feelings of calm and balanced emotions. Some even claim that wearing moonstone during intercourse will facilitate conception.


Aventurine is said to invite light-hearted sexuality and increase feelings of love, happiness, and luck. It’s said to promote getting pregnant, as well as to reduce nausea and to bring joy to that pregnancy. It also brings about increased optimism, confidence, happiness, and luck.


Aquamarine is said to protect both mother and baby during pregnancy, and to reduce the risk of miscarriage. For women who’ve suffered from loss, this is an excellent stone to wear.

Red carnelian

This gem possesses quite an array of fertility-supporting qualities. It helps with balancing the reproductive organs, including reducing symptoms of PMS and stimulating healthy functioning of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina. Carnelian also helps facilitate positive sexual energy and conscious conception. It also helps protect against miscarriage.

For men, red carnelian helps with impotence.


This stone is all about cleansing and balancing. It assists with fertility, pregnancy, and birth. It’s said to be the doula stone, and an essential stone to have present in the birthing room.

Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is known to balance sexual energy, lower depression, and increase fertility, in both men and women. This gem supports the sexual organs, including helping women with fibroids and men experiencing prostate inflammation. It is also helpful for women going through menopause, helping to relieve symptoms and balance emotions.


The pink and red tones of this multicolor stone are symbolic of fertility. Rhodonite purportedly helps to heal the emotional and physical trauma of the past, which can have a significant impact on fertility and birthing.


Fluorite helps to increase libido, where that may be lacking. It also helps stabilize hormonal changes, particularly for PMS, PCOS, and menopause.


Jade has a wide array of purported qualities, including providing protection from harm, including during childbirth. It also is said to promote fertility.

Ruby-zoisite (anyolite)

This beautiful stone helps increase fertility for both men and women. It provides balanced support to the reproductive system, particularly the ovary and testicles. It’s also said to activate the root chakra to increase life vitality and enthusiasm. This could be particularly therapeutic after a long stretch of infertility and the emotions that accompany it.

Ruby-zoisite also helps your child from the time of conception to birth and beyond, facilitating ongoing growth and development. Of all the fertility gemstones, this one seems to provide significant benefit beyond the initial fertility phase.


The pearl is a gem of the sea and strongly associated with love and fertility. It also provides protection from negative energy or events. If you have trauma associated with fertility or pregnancy, consider having a special pearl or perhaps a string of them.

Black coral

The black coral is a perfect choice for boosting male fertility. Since we know very well that fertility is not just a female problem, it’s important to address your partner’s health and well-being too. Black coral helps by healing emotions and inviting peace. It’s a highly intuitive “stone” and stimulates creativity as well. Black coral is said to boost virility and fertility and lower stress, which can help with healthy sperm production.


Abalone isn’t a stone, but a large shell from the ocean, with a gorgeous mother-of-pearl inlay. This was what I chose on my weekend excursion!

It’s a gorgeous abalone pendant with a wire wrapped tree of life. Perfect for promoting fertility health and a sense of peace, calmness and emotional balancing, which is something I’m happy to have more of in my life!

What stone will you choose?

When you combine the beauty of these fertility gemstones with the potential for improved reproductive functioning, why wouldn’t you want to claim some of these gorgeous gems for yourself?!

In the comments below, let me know which fertility gemstone speaks to you the most!

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