Do You Wake Up Peacefully In The Morning?

When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? Do you reach for your phone? Do you groan and hit the snooze button. What sort of thoughts are you aware of within that first few minutes of coming to full conscious awareness?

Did you know that the first few minutes of your day can have a significant impact on the rest of it? It’s true!

When you first wake up, you pass through a state of hypnosis, where your conscious mind is still relaxing from its previous sleep state. As you transition out from that relaxing feeling, you might start to remember all the things that happened the day before or whatever you have on today’s agenda.

You also tend to develop a mood depending on how you anticipate your day – perhaps grumpy, depressed, tired, or anxious. But you can also set a mood for peace, excitement, or positive anticipation.

Tips to wake up peacefully in the morning

Perfect affirmation

Remember when you learned about creating your perfect affirmation? Now’s the ideal time to pull that out!.

Get in the habit of repeating that affirmation whenever you think about it, and put it on your schedule of habits to repeat it in your mind or out loud when you first wake up. Say it over and over in your mind as you’re getting up to start your morning routine.

Recorded affirmations

If you don’t want to repeat your affirmation, find a recording you like with positive affirmations you resonate with and push play when you wake up. A nice track will also have peaceful music that can help positively start your day.

Instrumental music:

Music can be motivating, thought-provoking, and can encourage positive emotions. It doesn’t have to be instrumental, but this tends to be a gentle choice for your waking mind.

I love Helen Jane Long – check out her music on iTunes or youtube!

Put down the phone!

Your phone might be handy for playing music or affirmations, or maybe checking the weather, but avoid the temptation to hop on social media or check email. These actions tend to set your thinking mind into full speed and can induce unnecessary anxiety or distraction.

If you have trouble with this tip, I suggest deleting your social media apps each night before going to bed. You can always add them back to your phone later in the morning.

Ensure quiet time

You might need to wake up a few minutes before others in your household. Or it might mean making it clear to your partner that you would like not to be talked to for the first 20 minutes upon rising.

However you decide to handle it is your call, but do consider experimenting with this concept.

Go for a walk or run

Even if it’s just a short one, it can be a surprisingly peaceful way to start your day, especially if you go solo. Who knows, you might find that you’re more of a morning person than you thought!

Cup of tea
There’s something about the ritual of heating the water and preparing a soothing cup of tea in early morning silence. You could also go for coffee, but keep in mind that it’s more stimulating than tea.

If I drink coffee, I choose to hold off until later so I’m not amping up my morning too quickly. I prefer to facilitate peace for my waking hours, perhaps because I’m not naturally such a morning person.

Meditation or self-hypnosis

This is a great time to set an intention for your day. Meditation and hypnosis are perfect for this!

Turn on a mini guided hypnosis session or guided visualization, or do it yourself if you already know how!

Bonus tip:

Immediately write down your dreams. I like to do this because the more you pay attention to your dreams the more you learn from them. Because I tend to like dim lights upon waking, I will often dictate what I remember of my dream directly into my phone’s notepad. I write it out in a dedicated notebook later in the day when I’m more alert.

What about you? Share your gentle wake-up tips in the comments below!

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