Can Your Infertility Triggers Actually Help You?

You’ve been walking this road for a while now, and you know all about infertility triggers. 

Like when you log onto facebook and see four pregnancy announcement, 37 baby pictures, and get invited to yet another baby shower. 

When you hear your doctor, best friend and even your mother use the words “just relax.”

Or when you’re at the grocery store, post office, or out merely taking a walk and all you see are women with round pregnant bellies. 

The longer you wait for your baby to arrive, the more these infertility triggers set you off and shut you down. They remind you of how much you want your own baby. They might even make you feel that your day will never come. 

The struggle is real. There’s no sugar-coating the reality that this journey sucks, and you can’t stand to see all the constant reminders of what you’re missing. 

Flip the script: turning infertility triggers into affirmations

Did you know that it’s possible to neutralize your feelings and responses to those infertility triggers? Not only that, but it’s possible to turn them into visualizations of your success! 

You can use these everyday encounters into positive triggers that compound your belief and desire that your baby will arrive, at the right time and in the right way. 

But how?

Hypnosis can help

By working directly with the subconscious mind, you’re more quickly and effectively able to work with your emotional self. While in hypnosis you can neutralize your negative response to any infertility triggers you’re experiencing. 

Once you’ve neutralized the feelings, you can create powerful suggestions that connect these infertility triggers into positive reinforcement. When you make this shift, your entire experience will change. 

You’ll see a pregnant woman, and that will remind you that you will also enjoy a beautiful pregnancy. 

You might hear a baby cry or coo. This will put a smile on your face and remind you that one day it will be your baby making sweet little noises. 

Or perhaps you’ll attend a friend’s baby shower, which will reinforce your desire to get pregnant and your belief that you’ll soon be attending *your* baby shower.

Is the process painful? 

You’re already experiencing enough pain as it is, why would you want to explore your infertility triggers further? 

The good news is, it’s not hard work. With hypnosis, you’ll find that it’s simple in practice but powerful in results. 

You don’t have to relieve the intensity of the pain you’ve already been experiencing. This work is about resolving that pain and helping you feel better and move forward with new energy. 

You’ll be feeling better fast, and finding it easier to hold onto hope that your dreams will become your reality. 

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with me to learn more about how you can go from triggered to hopeful. 

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