How To Trust Your Intuition Even If Infertility Has You Confused

Surely you’ve heard the words “trust your intuition.” Did you roll your eyes a little? Did you feel your body tighten with a sense of frustration or confusion about what the heck that even means?

If so, you’re not alone. Many women find it difficult to know or trust what their intuition is telling them. This problem is compounded when you’ve been struggling with infertility or any other challenges regarding your decision to have a child. 

What gets in the way?

  • Expert opinions (AKA doctors)
  • Opinions of friends and family members
  • Complications and roadblocks
  • Past failures
  • Feeling defeated, confused, or backed into a corner

The truth about choices

Even though we put so much pressure on ourselves to make the right decision, that’s not really how it works. The best way to think about it is to realize that decisions are really a series of small actions that lead to a set of outcomes.

You can choose the action, but you can’t determine the result. 

If things didn’t go the way you wanted, then use this as an opportunity to pivot and seek another direction if necessary.

Most things in life aren’t super simple. You can’t expect to go straight from point A to point Z. In reality, you’re going to be moving along from A to B to C….and on and on until you get to your desired outcome. And that desired outcome might change and evolve as you go along. 

Instead of feeling immense pressure to make one big massive decision, it’s best to break it down into the one choice right in front of you. Make the best decision you can and expect to be surprised about what happens along the way.

Adding Intuition

When you attempt to find clarity from within, it rarely works out well if you have multiple ideas swirling around in your head. You must start with simplicity – choose one idea and explore that first.

Can you tap down into your core and feel the confirmation of the next best thing for you to do? 

Once you’ve made that immediate decision, take action and move forward. 

Discover Your inner compass

Having trouble identifying and actually trusting your intuition? You’re not alone. Most women have trouble with this at some point in their life.

Because of how truly important this is, I’ve developed a hypnotic approach for getting back to the source of your inner wisdom. A way to tap into your true and un-jaded intuition. The key is to work directly with your wise subconscious mind. 

Would you like to reaffirm yourself as the source of greatest wisdom for their own body and future baby?

You can learn to tap into your own inner compass, allowing you to make decisions with confidence even when things seem cloudy or complicated. This is a tool you can take with you and use at any time going forward. 

When my clients experience the Inner Compass hypnosis session, they leave feeling more peace, confidence, and trust in themselves. They’re better able to navigate even the most complex and challenging moments of their fertility journey that may require collaborating with doctors or tuning-out unsolicited advice from friends and family. 

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