One Easy Way To Quit Ruminating In The Two-Week Wait

When you’re in the TWW (two-week wait) it’s like being in a mental prison. Your mind goes in a negative loop, continually cycling through all the fears and what-ifs. This goes on and on, nonstop.

Here’s an example of how the thoughts flow

You wonder if THIS will be your month. Then you feel sure that it WON’T.

You want to be positive and hopeful about the outcome. But then you decide there’s no way you can allow yourself to get your hopes up…they’ll surely be dashed.

Perhaps you wonder if 8 DPO (days past ovulation) is early enough to take a pregnancy test. Was that twinge a sign of implantation? Of course, it’s too soon, but you’ve heard it’s sometimes possible to see a faint positive!

You know you’re setting yourself up for disappointment because it’s usually too early to tell at this point. And yet, you really want to take that test!

You go on like this for the remainder of the two-week wait – daily or sometimes twice daily pregnancy tests. Each negative test is followed by massive disappointment.

If you do get a positive test, you worry that you’re not feeling enough symptoms, that maybe your hormones are too low and perhaps you’ll lose this pregnancy. You fear that you’re not pregnant, and then you worry if you are.

You’re never free from worry and future forecasting. It doesn’t stop, and neither does your mind.

Almost all your thinking is stressful and negative stuff, and it cycles over and over, day and night.

This sort of thinking is called ruminating. Ruminating is bad for mental health, making you more likely to enter a depressive state. This is not necessarily the same as clinical depression, but it’s harmful nonetheless.

What can you do?

Licensed psychologist and author, Guy Winch recommends distracting yourself for at least two minutes anytime you catch yourself ruminating. Two minutes is enough to break the immediate pattern and done routinely it can begin to change your long-term mental habits.

Quick-guide to stop ruminating during the two-week wait:

  1. Download the Relax and Let Go hypnosis download here
  2. When you notice your thoughts going into a downward spiral, check your watch or set a timer for 2 minutes. Give yourself 2 minutes to entertain the current stream of negative dooms-day thoughts. This is called “the 2-minute rule.”
  3. When the 2 minutes is up, ask yourself if it was productive. Did you learn something, gain new insight, emotional relief, or come up with a new idea? If so, write it down and honor that insight. If not, proceed to the next step.
  4. Find a quiet, comfortable place (not in a moving vehicle). Get cozy, press play and follow the instructions on the 10-minute Relax and Let Go hypnosis download.
  5. Notice how you feel and go on with your day. Determine how much relief you got – 100%? 90%? Notice for how long the relief lasted.
  6. Repeat once per day, either on a schedule or when your thoughts get particularly out of control.

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